1617 Cole Mill Road Durham, NC 27705 (919) 383-6338 webmaster@colemillroad.org
Ministry Coordinating Committee ChairCaroline Smith

Office Administration
Administrative Support
John Shoun
Website John Shoun
Assist in Church Office Pam Dolejs

Office/A-V Equipment & Technology
Procurement and maintenance of office and a-v equipment & technology
Philip Rash
Office Equipment & Technology John Shoun
Audio-Visual Equipment & Technology Philip Rash

Financial management (taxes, payroll, insurance, etc.); accounting; budget reports; disbursements & deposits; contribution records
John & Carol Shoun
Treasurer John Shoun
Bookkeeping, Budget Reporting,
Contribution Records & Tax Receipts
Carol & John Shoun
Check Writing Pam Dolejs
Check Signing & Deposits Anita Holton
Count Contribution Carol Shoun

Buildings & Grounds
Facilities operation and maintenance
John Shoun
Building Maintenance John Shoun
Exterior/Grounds Maintenance TBA
Lock/Secure Facilities TBD

Facilities Usage
Building usage guidelines; non-CMR events liaison; art installations & furnishings
Natalie Beyer
Non-CMR Events ?
Art Installations / Banners
Bulletin Boards Phyllis Rorex, Sharon Hilliard
Member Picture Board
Office & Foyer Wall Calendars Barabara McCauley

Adult Education
Planning, leading, and support of adult education
Pat Daggett
Teach Adult Bible Class Pat Daggett, TBA
Library Carol Shoun

Planning, leading, and support of worship
Ben Fike
Worship Planning Committee Ben Fike
Schedule Worship Leaders Carol Shoun
Communion Preparation Schedule & Supplies Anita Holton
Communion Bread Lorin Fields
Flower Arrangements
Audio-Visual Systems Phil Rash
Gather/Brief Worship Leaders John Beyer
Ushers Scott Hamilton
Give Welcome
Lead Singing Tim Russell
Song Team Tim Russell
Read Scripture
Give Children’s Blessing
Give Communion Meditation
Serve Communion
Straighten/Refill Pew Racks Douglas Harpe
Lead Wednesday Evening Devotional

Care Groups Small-group ministry for member support, fellowship, worship & study, and serviceCarrie Doyle & Bethany Gray
Coffee Fellowship Care Groups (Rotation)
Forest at Duke Service Gail McCormick

Congregational Activities Planning and facilitation of congregational social activitiesAnita Holton
Church Calendar Anita Holton, Pam Dolejs
Senior Saints Banquet Polly Haugland
High School Graduation Banquet -----
Ladies' Brunch Elders' wives (2020)
Fall Festival (trunk-r-treat) Sharon Hilliard
Holiday Gathering Anita Holton
Wednesday Night Meals Carol Garth
Kitchen Supplies Carmen Wood
Flowers & Gifts Staff / SEE Groups
Choruses Caroline Smith, Sharon Hilliard
Senior Saints Cathy Jones, Emma Davis
Prayer Group Ministry Evelyn Cameron
Church Retreat -----
Priority One (Birthday Cards) Lorin Fields
Church Historian (Scrapbooker)

Children & Family Ministry
Spiritual development of children and youth (nursery–elementary school)
Sharon Hilliard
Educational Supply Room Carmen Wood
Infant & Toddler Nursery (Sunday Worship) Sharon Hilliard
Infant & Toddler (Sunday Bible Class) Natalie Beyer, Carmen Wood, Cookie Lafferty
Kids Praise Sharon Hilliard
Carpenter’s Kids Christy Blazer
Kingdom Kids (1st & 2nd grade) Phyllis Rorex, Priscilla Russell
Bible Busters ???
Kids' Choir Sharon Hilliard
Infants Toddlers (Wed. Bible Class) Carl & Cookie Lafferty
Preschool & Elementary (Wed. Bible Class) Polly Haugland, Carrie Doyle, Luke Smith, Carl Lafferty
Vacation Bible School Sharon Hilliard, Polly Haugland

Youth Ministry
Spiritual development of youth (middle–high school)
Sharon Hilliard
Teach Teens Sharon Hilliard
Plan/Coordinate Teen Activities Sharon Hilliard
Chaperon / Host Teen Activities Sharon Hilliard

OutreachJo Wall
Visitor Follow-up Ben Fike, Neil Clay
Hospital Visitation ?

Foreign Missions
Logistical and financial support of established foreign missions, and of short-term missions
Vadim & Emily Kochetkov
Africa Vadim &Emily Kochetkov
Argentina ?
Russia Vadim &Emily Kochetkov
Honduras Charles Holton

Benevolence & Community Service
Financial and other assistance for members and nonmembers; community-oriented service activities
Luke & Caroline Smith
Benevolence Assistance Luke & Caroline Smith
Plan/Coordinate Service Efforts Luke & Caroline Smith