If you are new to Durham or seeking a church home, we are pleased at the prospect of your coming our way.  We know how important it is to find a connection with those who share your sense of what is important--especially at times when you are searching for a "home."  At Cole Mill Road, we truly are a church family--real people of faith who genuinely want to love God and love their neighbors as themselves. You will likely see glad greetings, hugs, and handshakes. And when it's time to worship God, you will see all sorts of people helping facilitate the service, men and women, boys and girls, young and old and every age in-between.

We not only meet for corporate worship and learning, but we are also given opportunities to enjoy fellowship in smaller groups--whether in our Care Groups, designed especially for member nurture.  

We hope your search will bring you our way.  We are very interested in helping you find a place to belong in this leg of your "journey."